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What is it like to work with Zazu?

Currently, Zazu shoes are custom orders only.  The experience is like none other, beginning with a consult at the client's convenience to better understand lifestyle, desires, hobbies, passions, and create a one-of-a-kind theme: YOU in a SHOE!  With thousands of styles and sizes of shoes, the client may choose to purchase a shoe that Zazu offers separately or supply us with your own shoes.  Options and personalization choices are limited only to your imagination and your personal sense of style.  Working together, with the inspiring creativity of the artist, Sarah Beth, you can explore the possibilities to create an entirely unique look with one purpose in mind - making YOU look amazing!

The process of commissioning a "sole-ful" piece of art is exciting.   In this fast-paced modern society we are trained to want everything yesterday.  Although anticipating the arrival of original Zazu shoes can be trying, the process takes no less than 10 business days to ensure that quality will not compromised.  The wait is well worth it, and in the end, it all comes together into a fantastic personal experience and a long-term trusting relationship.

Contact us through email or call us to order your shoes today!  An online order form and payment option is coming soon.

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Zazu also specializes in custom hand-painted bridal shoes & accessories for women, men, and children.

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